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College Visit Survey


School you attend?
College campus visited?
1.  What grade are you in?      
2.  What was the date of your college visit?
3.  How did you prepare for this college visit before coming to the campus?
      (Check all that apply)
  Discussed college with Counselor/GEAR UP Liaison
  Prepared questions for the college visit
  Visited the college website/read college materials
  Explored college on MCIS
  Played "on-the-bus" or classroom games about college
  Had group discussions about colleges & careers
      Other (Optional):

  Did not do preparation activities
4.  Have you been on a college campus before?
5.  While on campus, how helpful was each of the following activities to help you learn about college?
      (Check "Did not do it" if your visit did not include that activity.)
Activities on campus
Very helpful
Somewhat helpful
Not helpful
Did not do it
a. Touring the campus
b. Eating at the food service
c. Meeting with a professor
d. Visiting a classroom or a lab
e. Visiting a student dorm
f. Visiting a Native American Center
g. Talking with an admission counselor
h. Talking with a college student or panel
i. Talking with a financial aid representative
j. Talking with student support services
k. Learning about clubs, activities, and sports
l. Visiting the library
m. Other (optional):  
6.  While on campus...
a) Did you feel welcomed?
b) Did the college feel like a good fit?
7.  To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements relating to your college visit?
This college visit...
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
a. Has helped me understand what college life looks like
b. Has helped me understand how to better prepare academically for college
c. Has helped me understand the costs of going to college
d. Has increased my confidence in going to college
e. Has helped me make up my mind to go to college